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Medium/Dual Purpose Silicone Set

Medium/Dual Purpose Silicone Set

Excluding GST/HST

This 4-piece Cupping Set is made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone which is characterized by its high transparency, close to that of glass. This enables you to observe skin changes inside the cup during application. These cups have both high and low temperature resistance, acid resistance, aging resistance, and are super easy to clean. 

These Silicone Massage cups are resistant to alkalis and both high and low temperatures. They are easy to apply, easy to move, and easy to remove. One set includes four cups in varying sizes which allows them to be used in a number of locations on the body, including the legs, back, abdomen, chest, arms, neck, wrists, ankles and even your face.

The introduction of high transparent silicone cups has triggered a revolution in the use of Cupping Therapies in the North American market. This ancient technique has now been rejuvenated and the silicone cups have become a common and convenient tool for therapists to use in clinical settings.

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