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Tarot Card Deck

Medium Angel Card Reading

ALL Angel Card Readings will be held by phone with Jane Vandrus until further notice.

Jane Vandrus is a Medium Intuitive that uses Angel Cards as a tool for her insight. Jane has been professionally reading for over 20 years for clients throughout Canada and the USA.


Medium Angel Card Reading: Phone


Angel card readings are a way to receive Angelic guidance. The person being read focuses on either a question or situation that they’d like to receive Angelic guidance about. The reader draws the cards, reads their meanings and also tunes in to any thoughts, impressions, feelings, and/or visions they receive while reading the cards.

Assorted Crystals

Medium Angel Card Reading &

Energy Work: Phone


Long Distance Reiki Meditation plus Medium Intuitive Reading. Jane uses her gifts as an intuitive to help guide her clients. She communicates with spirit guides and Angels to assist them on their paths to good health, romance, financial, career and personal/spiritual development. In this session, you will receive long distance Reiki Meditation to balance and clear your Chakras followed by an insightful Angel Card Reading.

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